How do you follow the ‘most effective’ ad of 2017? Gaviscon’s ‘Tim and Tom’ treatment, which saw the brand’s fireman mascot hose away a gormless set of twins’ respective heartburn and indigestion, was named thus by Nielsen.

It may have been effective, but it was also inescapably naff.

The brand’s follow-up is more fun, taking us to Gaviscon’s ‘Night Labs’, where silly scientists experiment with ways to prevent digestive discomfort. Having identified fast eating as a trigger, they employ ‘Kebab Nannies’ to feed consumers at a sensible pace, before creating the ‘Mealstopper’ – a fast food ball that takes six hours to eat.

Of course, as a boffin points out at the end, there’s always “Gaviscon Double Action in tablet form”. A sensible solution at last!

The ad is fun and fresh – with a 1980s vibe and some deliberately clumsy special effects that make its naffness knowing. On top of that, consumers will surely enjoy the ‘Go On’ indulgence message.