Part of a wave of ads looking to capture a sense of lockdown-easing optimism, Lynx is hoping to persuade us that getting all up in the olfactory systems of our peers is once again desirable.

Our ad’s hero douses himself in the stuff before stepping out, past a parade of flowers with his face, to cast his smell upon a variety of city characters including pedestrians, dogs and a window cleaner. There are cameos from YouTubers Calfreezy and Chunkz, and boxer Anthony Joshua.

Our guy’s scent delights all he passes, registering in all manner of visually inventive ways. The ‘new Lynx effect’ – a nifty recall of a famous slogan – isn’t just about beguiling attractive women. They aren’t immune, though: the ad culminates with the conjuring into existence of a beautiful model from an ad on the side of a bus.