Cleaning products brand Zoflora has enjoyed an unusual boost in recent times, thanks to its (not sponsored) endorsement from Instagram clean queen Mrs Hinch. Now the brand is turning to a more traditional form of marketing.

In an age when selling disinfectant should surely be like shooting bacteria in a barrel, finding a point of difference is going to be crucial. And while this TV ad sticks to the recent trend of ‘set at home’ ads, it stands out by… looking professionally produced, with nothing shot by a phone on portrait mode, and several clever editing tricks and wipes.

It majors on the brand’s disinfectant qualities, obviously – we see a doorknob (and, for some reason, a rotary phone) being wiped clean – while some corny family antics and a boring poem offer reassuring familiarity.

The ‘killing germs beautifully since 1922’ slogan is a bit weird. But these are weird times!