Source: Aldi/Biotiful Gut Health 

The Beautiful Everyday range bears a striking resemblance to market leader Biotiful Gut Health and is available in two variants

Aldi has launched a range of kefir drinks under new brand Beautiful Everyday.

The range, launched by the discounter as a special buy, bears a striking resemblance to market leader Biotiful Gut Health’s logo and packaging, and is available in two variants, Natural and Mixed Berries.

The branding of both Biotiful and Beautiful is almost identical, with logos, colour design and motifs all very similar.

Both parties declined to comment on whether they were working together on the NPD.

Aldi has a long history of launching copycat products based on well-known brands.

However, the pair’s reticence in discussing whether they were working together points to similarities from a more recent partnership between Aldi and BrewDog.

Aldi teased the launch of a copycat of BrewDog’s Punk IPA, dubbed ‘Ald IPA’, on social media in 2020 before launching an ‘Anti Establishment IPA’ in collaboration with the beer brand, following a tongue-in-cheek Twitter spat.

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The Aldi kefir range costs £1.99 for a 750ml bottle compared to £3.50 for a litre of Biotiful’s branded equivalent, making it 24.3% cheaper per litre than the branded alternative. 

“We want to bring our shoppers a more affordable alternative to current kefir drinks on the market as good gut health should be accessible to everyone,” said MD of buying at Aldi UK Julie Ashfield.

The products are free from artificial sweeteners, gums and emulsifiers.

Aldi said the range can be consumed as a milk alternative at breakfast, in a smoothie, enjoyed as a drink or as a post-workout recovery snack.

It is being pitched by the retailer as a cheaper alternative to Zoe gut shots sold in M&S and Yeo Valley Kefir.

“With 70% of the immune system living in the gut, it’s great that Beautiful Everyday Kefir contains vitamin B12 for normal immune support, together with gut-friendly calcium and fibre too. It’s also high in protein, so makes a great drink choice to start the day,” said nutritionist Suzie Sawyer.