Richmond meat free

Source: Pilgrim’s Food Masters 

Richmond launched into plant-based in 2019

Richmond has overtaken Cauldron to become the third bestselling meat alternative brand.

The brand’s retail sales grew by 50.2% to £35.4m in the year to 18 June, according to NielsenIQ – putting it ahead of Cauldron, which sold £30.2m in that period.

Richmond has seen meteoric growth since entering the plant-based arena in 2019. In the year to June 2020, it sold just over £5m.

However, category pioneer Cauldron’s sales have fallen 7% – or £2.3m – in the past year.

Richmond marketing manager Chris Doe attributed its success to an 87% rise in distribution, as well as a steady schedule of NPD.

“We’ve focused on developing and promoting our new innovations in meat-free and we also made sure to champion our top sellers such as Richmond Meat-Free Sausages and Meat-Free Burgers,” he said.

Having made its plant-based debut with its Meat-Free Sausages, Richmond has lately been focusing on “under-represented occasions such as breakfast and lunch”. In April it launched Meat-free Deli Slices and Meat-Free Back Bacon, with the latter set to gain new listings in September.

“The plant-based category has a multitude of alternatives that rival classic meat options when it comes to the dinner occasion, but consumers are on the hunt for a totally meat-free basket, and we aim to be the first port of call,” said Doe.

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Cauldron has similarly been busy with NPD. In April it released Hoisin Tofu ready to eat pieces and a Quick & Tasty Smoky BBQ Tofu ready to cook block, in response to consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable and more convenient products, as well as new flavours.

Head of Cauldron Tom Lindley said the brand was “passionate about more people eating plant-based food and great tasting products are key to that, bringing shoppers back to the category time again and contributing to overall market growth”.

Cauldron was “proud to have continued growing in brand value and market share through a challenging couple of years, plus an increasingly busy marketplace”, he added.

“We still have the Number one rate of sale for falafels and tofu within chilled plant based, and our Lincolnshire and Cumberland Sausages continue to be two of the top three bestselling sausages in the category.”

It’s not the only traditional plant-based brand to see sales declines. Quorn has fallen 9.9% to £157m in the past year, and Linda McCartney’s dropped 19.9% to £52.9m.