The Co-op is launching a new TV ad today highlighting its environmental credentials.

The ad focuses on the society’s use of 100% compostable carrier bags as part of its recently launched ‘It’s what we do’ strategy, which was created by Lucky Generals.

The latest ad, called Ice Cream, features two women swimming in the sea while discussing having some Co-op Irresistible Swiss White Chocolate & Salted Caramel ice cream and how shopping from the retailer means there will be less plastic pollution of the oceans.

The Co-op replaced plastic bags with compostable versions last September in 1,000 stores located in areas in which they are accepted by the local authority in household food waste collections.

“Building stronger communities by being a stronger Co-op is what we do and we are committed to helping our members and customers make more ethical choices,” said Co-op customer director Ali Jones.

“Reducing the environmental impact of products is and always has been at the core of Co-op, and the introduction of compostable bags in stores where local authorities accept them is helping to reduce plastic contamination in a targeted way, as well as helping divert household food waste away from landfill.”

Lucky Generals creative director Kate Murphy added: “In this ad we knew we needed to bring an important message to life in a relatable and enjoyable way. Working with our swimmers Jackie and Margot answered this perfectly and was an absolute joy. They brought such fun and warmth to the day, despite having to swim around in some pretty cold water.”