CBD brand Goodrays is one of those stocked in the new bays

Tesco has become the latest retailer to throw its weight behind functional soft drinks, rolling out dedicated bays for the sub-category across 189 of its stores.

The new bays stock products including vitamin drinks, kombuchas and CBD beverages. They featured “navigational blockers and raised shelf stripping” to highlight each functional need, Tesco said.

Brands stocked in the new bays include Remedy Kombucha, Nexba Kombucha, Vithit and CBD brand Goodrays.

“We are always looking to keep ahead of the latest trends in the drinks category and demand for functional drinks has been growing strongly,” said Tesco soft drinks category buying manager Lauren Tredgett. “The new functional drinks mod gives customers a better understanding of these products, and the initial reception has been very positive.”

Eoin Keenan, founder of Goodrays, said the move showed “Tesco shares our vision in making CBD more affordable and accessible for all”.

“We’re excited to be part of this new direction for Tesco and we expect more and more retailers to follow suit as wellness continues to be the dominant trend in drinks,” he added.

Tesco is not the first retailer to roll out dedicated bays for functional soft drinks. Last May, Waitrose introduced a trial of similar bays in 30 of its stores.

The trial was later extended by the retailer, but the number of stores was cut to 22.