Suso, the healthy energy drink being launched next year by former Coca-Cola and Red Bull executives, will be aimed at 16 to 24-year-olds and backed by a £4m marketing spend, its new joint chief executive has revealed.

In his first interview since joining the company last month, Sean Uprichard, said the new carbonated range, which is made with pure blended fruit and equals one of the 5-a-day portions of fruit, would appeal to young people wanting an energy boosting but healthy drink.

"The soft drinks market is saturated with products but sugary drinks are becoming less popular," said the former head of marketing for Coca-Cola's Relentless energy drink.

"The guys at Innocent have done an incredible job with smoothies, but while people are attracted to better-for-you smoothies, they are not thirst-quenching. We recognised that as the gap in the market, which is where Suso comes in."

The range contains no colourings, preservatives or added sugars and will be available in three flavours: Absolutely Berry, Positively Orange and Totally Lemon. It will come in 250ml cans and is expected to have an rsp of 90p to £1.50.

To underscore Suso's energy boosting credentials, the marketing campaign will feature the strapline: 'No can't do'.

"Consumers are media savvy and what we want to do with the branding of this product is give them something inspirational and aspirational," said Uprichard.

A formal launch date for Suso had not been finalised, but the company had secured listings with some of the multiples, he added.

"We have agreements with retailers such as Tesco and are also in talks with pub and bar chains as we feel the drink could also become a cult mixer among young professionals."

The company was founded by former Red Bull MD Harry Drnec and Uprichard is sharing the role of CEO with Andrew King, former chief executive of PJ Smoothies.