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Source: Tesco

It is understood the UK manufacturer, Refresco, warned the supermarket giant it could not guarantee consistent stock 

Tesco is not stocking the in-demand Prime energy drink as it has not been able to secure guarantees over continuity of supply from the drink’s UK manufacturer Refresco.

The Grocer understands the UK’s biggest grocer is keen to begin selling the drink, made famous by its social media influencer owners KSI and Logan Paul, but that it has been warned by Refresco it could not guarantee consistent stock that would keep its shelves full every week.

Consumer demand for Prime has reached fever-pitch over the past few months, with the sporadic nature of supply seemingly fuelling the hype.

Prime launched in the UK in July in Asda, in what is understood to be an exclusivity deal that ended this month, with Aldi the latest large retailer to stock it. Not long after Asda began selling Prime, a Tesco shopper asked the retailer on Twitter when it would be following suit. At the time Tesco replied that while there was no set date, “we are planning to stock them and it is something we are working on”.

It is also sold by Spar retailers and other independents. The Grocer revealed earlier this month that Spar is sourcing Prime directly from its US distributor Congo Brands.

Fans of the brand have taken to following the Prime Tracker app to see when new shipments will be hitting stores across the country. The launch in Aldi prompted a raft of negative press reports when people wrestled in the aisles to get their hands on the drink. Aldi later apologised to customers for the disturbances.

Those reports could also be part of the reason for Tesco holding back at this time, suggested Tom Bastable, developer of the Prime Tracker app.

He received a direct message on Twitter from someone purporting to be a Tesco buyer, explaining: “Seniors do not want to repeat the press that Aldi received. Once the demand decreases around the summer, we will review it.”

Bastable said: “Whilst what happened at Aldi stores was great media coverage for Prime, I imagine the store perspective on it may be different.”

Tesco declined to comment on the story while Refresco referred The Grocer to Prime’s owners.

Co-founder KSI said: ”We have the supply lol. Tesco just told us that the security cost to protect shoppers would cost more than they were willing to spend based off the prime demand. That’s why it won’t be in Tesco. They’re waiting for the demand to go down.”