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Amazon was exclusively cheapest for cucumber and three other products

Amazon provided the cheapest basket in our latest Online Grocer 33, undercutting Ocado and the supermarkets – even with their loyalty discounts.

At £66.60, Amazon was £1.13 cheaper than Asda, as it kept annual inflation on the 33 items down to just 1.8%. And month on month the basket actually fell 8.2%. The win also means Amazon has now delivered the lowest-priced basket in three of its last four guest retailer slots.

Amazon’s victory was built on having 19 cheapest products, and it was exclusively cheapest for the Carnation evaporated milk, cucumbers, Heinz soup and Organix Oaty Bars.

Asda was cheapest for 16 products and exclusively so for nine, including the brioche rolls and chicken slices.

Morrisons was over a fiver more expensive than Amazon at £72.01. It was exclusively cheapest for the blueberries and spaghetti.

Sainsbury’s £73.23 was £6.63 more expensive than Amazon, but factoring in Nectar Prices would have bridged the gap by £4.25, making it just £2.38 more expensive than Amazon.

Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for the baby potatoes with herbs and mashed potato.

In contrast, Tesco’s Clubcard Prices had less of an impact: a £1.45 saving would only have closed the gap to Amazon from £8.87 to £7.42.

Ocado came in £13.64 more expensive than Amazon at £80.24, while Waitrose was a further £3.26 more expensive at £83.50, despite further price cuts announced this week.

Across all seven retailers prices were up 11% year on year, though Amazon was one of three retailers whose basket came in cheaper month on month. The biggest inflation was on the Heinz soup, up 44% on last year. A further five products were up more than 30%, including the Mr Kipling Angel Slices and Stork spread.