Sainsburys store

Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for Gü desserts and grated cheddar

Sainsbury’s has provided the cheapest basket for the second time in the Grocer 33 year, seeing off competition from traditional rivals as well as guest retailers Amazon and Ocado.

At £61.31, Sainsbury’s, whose last victory came on 22 July, undercut runner-up Asda by 55p. It offered the lowest price on 11 items and was exclusively cheapest for two: the grated cheddar and Gü cheesecakes.

Asda offered the lowest price on 17 products and was exclusively cheapest for nine, including the Granny Smith apples, Dove deodorant, baby potatoes and Solero ice creams. However, it also struggled most in terms of keeping the lid on inflation. Its total basket price this week was 14.1% more expensive than this time last year.

Amazon offered the lowest price for a dozen products and was exclusively cheapest for the celery sticks, Heinz chicken soup and Method cleaning spray. At £63.09, it came in £1.78 pricier than Sainsbury’s.

Tesco was £3.06 more expensive than Sainsbury’s based on its shelf-edge prices. However, it would actually have undercut its Holborn-based rival by 19p had we factored in its Clubcard Prices initiative.

Morrisons, which appears close to losing its big four status, was a little off the pace this week. At £65.70, it was £4.39 more expensive than Sainsbury’s. This was despite being exclusively cheapest for the Bear fruit yoyos, beef mince, pomegranates and tagliatelle.

Ocado was almost £6 more expensive than Sainsbury’s at £67.26, while Waitrose was an outlier at £74.26.

Of the products on this week’s list, 28 were more expensive than a year ago, four came down in price and one remained the same. The Heinz soup was 39% more expensive than 12 months ago, while the grated cheddar and milk soared by 34% and 31% respectively.