Nectar Prices - Sainsburys Nine Elms

Source: Charles Wright

Ben & Jerry’s was one of Sainsbury’s five exclusively cheapest products

Sainsbury’s offered the lowest-priced basket for the second week in a row and it did so without a Nectar Price deal in sight.

At £66.21, Sainsbury’s came in £1.31 cheaper than Asda. It offered the lowest price for nine products and was exclusively cheapest for five lines, including the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the Kirsty’s cottage pie. Sainsbury’s had seven price-only deals, which was more than any of its rivals, but none of these were part of the Nectar Prices initiative despite it beefing up the number of products included in the scheme from 300 to 450 in the past week.

Asda was cheapest for 18 products and exclusively so for nine including the avocados, Lactofree milk and watermelon chunks.

Tesco came in £4.39 more expensive than Sainsbury’s at £70.60. Four of its items had Clubcard Prices deals, though the total saving amounted to just £1.45. This would have reduced Tesco’s total to £69.15, which was still £2.94 more expensive than Sainsbury’s and £1.63 more than Asda.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for the Arctic coffee and the Atora suet. It was £6.46 more expensive than Sainsbury’s at £72.67.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for four lines but it lacked competitiveness overall. Waitrose was £14.30 pricier than Sainsbury’s at £80.51.

In terms of inflation, the biggest increase was on the Atora suet, which was 76% more expensive than a year ago, thanks to a big jump across all retailers in January.

The other big increase was on the Colman’s horseradish, up 52% compared with April 2022.

Two prices were cheaper than last year – the Canderel sweetener and Pomegreat juice were down 7% and 4% respectively.

Overall prices were up 12.1% compared with a year ago and up 1.1% versus last month.