▲ £434.1m

The craze for disposable vapes – led by the seemingly ubiquitous Elfbar whose £318.4m gain accounts for 73% of the uplift – saw volume sales surge 49.4%.



▲ £264.3m

A 9.8% rise in average price per litre drove value gains as volumes fell 1.8%. A surge in single-serve sales during the boiling summer buoyed suppliers.

energy drinks

Sports & energy drinks

▲ £251.1m

Innovation in flavours and sugar-free lines saw Brits buy an extra 36 million litres. A 10.1% rise in average price per litre also played a major part in adding value.

bagged snacks

Bagged snacks

▲ £229.1m

As with carbonates (and many other categories), value gains were driven entirely by higher average prices. Bagged snacks’ overall volumes are down 4.9%.



▲ £222.2m

In spite of the cost of living crisis, UK’s millions of pet parents continued to choose premium products and favour brands over own label alternatives.

cold and flu

Cold & flu remedies

▲ £218.0m

Cold & flu remedies suffered the biggest absolute loss of any category during Covid in 2021: £197.6m. The return of regular sniffles more than rectified that.

bottled water

Bottled water

▲ £214.1m

More impulse purchases and record summer temperatures did wonders for bottled water. It shifted more than 47 million more litres.

chilled ready meals

Chilled ready meals

▲ £157.7m

There’s a new number one brand in Charlie Bigham’s. It added £21.7m to the category – driven by Brits seeking affordable alternatives to meals out.



▲ £124.2m

Volumes have dived 7.6%, but average price per litre has surged 12.8% as suppliers face soaring production costs. Own label’s even pricier – up 15.5%.



▲ £119.3m

Premiumisation has been key to make-up’s success, with fancy launches such as mascara from Maybelline and Rimmel playing a notable part.