Brakes FareShare

Brakes has provided the equivalent of 10 million meals to food redistribution charity FareShare since the start of their partnership in 2010.

The now 14-year-long collaboration saw FareShare recognising the wholesaler as a Leading Food Partner for 2024.

Sysco GB CEO Paul Nieduszynski praised the charity for playing a “vital role” in redistributing the “unavoidable” surplus that would otherwise go to waste.

Brakes’ donations support a range of charities in communities across the UK, including school clubs, hospices, community centres and older people’s lunch clubs.

“While we always want to minimise surplus food, there are times when it is unavoidable”, said Nieduszynski.

“That’s when it is reassuring to know that we have partners like FareShare on hand to ensure that we are helping to support some fantastic charities, providing wholesome food that supports people who most need it.

“When many people are struggling to make ends meet it’s good to know that Brakes and Sysco are playing their part in helping FareShare in its vital role,” he concluded.

Lucy Allison, head of key food partnerships at FareShare, added: “The food has made an enormous difference to support our network of 8,500 charities and community groups across the UK, including after school and breakfast clubs, hospices, homelessness charities, and older people’s lunch clubs.

“Without support from Brakes and Sysco, we would not be able to combat the environmental impact of food waste for social good, strengthening communities up and down the country.”