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diana hunter

Diana Hunter, Conviviality Retail CEO: the Big Interview

20 Jun 2014 | By Sara Spary

She’s overseen a flotation, two acquisitions and a major overhaul of the company’s franchise model and there’s plenty more…


Ten years after Gü... launching a product is harder than ever Subscription

22 Jul 2014 | By James Averdieck

I set up Gü Puds in 2003. We had to go through all the palaver any new food business goes though…

Hovis bread

Over 200 jobs at risk as Hovis plans Leicester bakery closure Subscription

23 Jul 2014 | By Guy Montague-Jones

Hovis is planning to close its bakery in Leicester with the loss of more than 200 jobs, The Grocer has learned.

Ham pork roast meat

That'll do, pig: hunk of ham celebrates 112th birthday

20 Jul 2014

A belated happy birthday from Bogof to… a 112-year-old ham. No, not Dick Van Dyke!…

Paul Finch, Morrisons Cheadle Heath

Store of the week: Morrisons Cheadle Heath Subscription

18 Jul 2014 | By Ronan Hegarty

“We recently switched over from HOT service to Morrisons’ new Five Star service rating”…

my alternative cv

Stuart Storey alternative cv

Stuart Storey, Mizkan, on cycling and imaginary ice cream

20 Jul 2014 | By Beth Brooks

My first job was picking strawberries in all-weather conditions near New York…

Adam Couch

Cranswick's Adam Couch on transforming the premium pork specialist Subscription

25 Apr 2014 | By Julia Glotz

Cranswick CEO Adam Couch reveals how he plans to transform the business from premium pork into premium food specialist…

Ibrahim Najafi Lolly Line

Ibrahim Najafi of R&R: the man with a lot of lolly Subscription

18 Apr 2014 | By Vince Bamford

R&R CEO Ibrahim Najafi has driven big acquisitions in Europe. Now he’s looking to lick the global market…

Andy Clarke

Asda's Andy Clarke: The Big Interview Subscription

04 Apr 2014 | By Adam Leyland

Asda boss Andy Clarke speaks out on restructuring, hypermarkets, changing technology and the rise of the discounters…

Jonathan Bye Seabrook

Jonathan Bye: how he crunched the numbers at Seabrook Crisps Subscription

04 Apr 2014 | By James Halliwell

Haemorrhaging sales and losing money, it was crunch time for Seabrook Crisps. Then Jonathan Bye rode to the rescue…

Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe: The Big Interview Subscription

07 Mar 2014 | By James Halliwell

In 2011, single mum Jack Monroe hit rock bottom and attempted suicide. Then she started a blog featuring cheap recipes…

Darcy Willson Rymer

Darcy Willson-Rymer: Big Interview with Costcutter CEO Subscription

21 Feb 2014 | By Simon Creasey

Costcutter’s Mr Darcy has gone through a painful divorce with its longstanding supply partner Nisa…

Simon Herbert, Esso

Esso's Simon Herbert: Fuelling retail growth Subscription

17 Feb 2014 | By James Halliwell

Esso is selling off the retail side of its operation so it can focus on supplying fuel. What’s prompted the radical move?…

Brandon Lewis in Taunton Deane

Brandon Lewis means business as he plans high street revival Subscription

13 Dec 2013 | By Ian Quinn

New high streets minister Brandon Lewis on the “amazing” Portas, the new £1bn package, and that “load of crap” comment…

John Kennedy, Diageo

John Kennedy: Big Interview with Diageo Western Europe president Subscription

06 Dec 2013 | By Adam Leyland

Diageo’s Western European business has lost some of its old swagger, says John Kennedy. He is determined to get it back….

Ronny Gottschlich, Lidl

Lidl UK MD Ronny Gottschlich: Big interview Subscription

29 Nov 2013 | By James Halliwell

In Lidl UK’s first-ever interview, MD Ronny Gottschlich talks about the discounter’s astonishing growth…


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your career

Trucks supply chain

Why not just outlaw the obviously unfair trading practices? Subscription

10 Jul 2014 | By David Sables

I’m often accused of emotive language when discussing the Groceries Code Adjudicator…

lifting world cup

Peak performance: some sporting advice to take into work

05 Jul 2014 | By Jennifer Baker

With World Cup fever about to reach its climax, I truly enjoy learning from diverse and successful athletes…

Jonathan Fitchew

How to assemble a World Cup-winning formation at work Subscription

28 Jun 2014 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The England boys may be out of the running, but I’m staying glued to the world stage with just one question…

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Sports & Energy Drinks Category Report 2014

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