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Gin prices themselves do not appear to have been subject to any major rises en masse

Brits are set to pay more for a G&T, thanks to price hikes for Schweppes and Fever-Tree.

Both brands have shot up in price in the supermarkets over recent weeks, data reveals [Assosia 4 w/e 7 February 2022].

The prices of a smattering of Schweppes SKUs – Indian Tonic Water, Low Calorie Elderflower Tonic Water 1l, Slimline Indian Tonic Water 1l and Slimline Lemon Tonic Water 1l – rose 9.1% in Morrisons from £1.65 to £1.75 on 31 January, the data shows [Assosia 12 w/e 9 February 2022].

Various Schweppes SKUs have also been subject to price increases in Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Since the beginning of 2022, 15 Fever-Tree SKUs have been subject to price increases at Morrisons and 16 of the brand’s products have risen in price at Tesco and Asda. In Sainsbury’s, meanwhile, 21 Fever-Tree SKUs have risen in price.

Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Aromatic Tonic Water 500ml, Ginger Beer 500ml and Indian Tonic Water 500ml, for instance, rose by 8.3% in Morrisons from £1.80 to £1.95 on 25 January.

A spokeswoman for Schweppes owner Coca-Cola Europacific Partners said it had “faced significantly increased costs in haulage, packaging, ingredients and utilities” and “taken steps to ensure that these cost pressures have not been passed on to our customers and shoppers”.

But with those pressured set to continue it had “been necessary for us to increase some of the prices at which we supply our products to our customers”, it added.

The Grocer has approached Fever-Tree, and the big four.

It isn’t all bad news for gin fans: gins themselves do not appear to have been subject to any major rises in the mults.