pepperoni pizza takeaway junk food

Childhood obesity: where are the measures and checks for takeaway food?

The bus snacking ban proposal overshadowed some sensible measure to tackle obesity


UK vaping industry pushes ‘facts not fiction’ in reassurance campaign


The UKVIA warned ‘misinformation and scare stories’ had threatened to push UK vapers back to cigarettes

Mayo w ingredients

Healthy fast food giant Leon hits grocery with Sainsbury’s tie-up


Leon plans to make grocery a significant part of its business over coming years

doctor needle injection vaccine

Supermarkets should facilitate children’s vaccination services, says health expert

2019-10-10T10:39:00+01:00By Helen Gilbert

Helen Bedford suggested the system be NHS-led and said it could work in the same way as mobile breast screening units

chocolate digestive biscuits black plastic

Government report recommends plain packaging for unhealthy foods


CMO Sally Davies said the voluntary reformulation programme has failed to tackle the obesity crisis

bacon one use

Health-minded Brits turn their back on bacon


Various studies have linked bacon and other processed meat to causing cancer

Beef mince_generic pic_Pexels

Red meat consumption ‘not linked to cancer’, says new study


The new research is in conflict with government advice to reduce red and processed meat intake

Benecol Raspberry Peach Yogurt

Benecol boosts ‘cholesterol-busting’ plant matter in range reformulation


The new formula will contain more than double the amount of plant stanols per pot

breakfast cereal

Trillion calories cut since 2015, claim food and drink companies


The figures also show the average amount of sugar in consumer baskets fell by 13% in the same period

Pret_full ingredient label 2

Pret a Manger set to complete rollout of full ingredient allergen labelling


The initiative forms a key part of Pret’s Allergy Plan, launched in May this year


‘Unnecessary’ levels of salt in sauces and marinades


The campaign group found 54% of products tested were high in salt and would receive a red traffic light

cookies biscuits

PHE report shows industry struggling to hit sugar reduction targets


PHE’s latest report suggested its voluntary reduction programme stood virtually no chance of hitting its targets