Holland & Barrett Oxford Circus

Holland & Barrett has ended the temporary pause on the sale of certain CBD products in its stores and online.

The health food retailer confirmed to The Grocer it had reinstated the 31 products it last week removed following the FSA’s decision to cut its acceptable daily intake guidance of CBD sevenfold, to 10mg.

It added, however, that it was placing advisory information at shelf edge and on product information on its website for products for which a single serving exceeds the FSA’s ADI.

“As a responsible retailer we always act with our customers’ best interests at heart, which is why we temporarily removed some products from sale while our science, legal and independent advisors assessed the new guidance from the FSA,” a spokeswoman for Holland & Barrett said. “We wanted to make sure we could help customers make an informed choice on what dosage and for how long they take CBD for.

“In line with the FSA’s direction, we have now developed advisory guidance, training for colleagues, online advice and information at shelf edge, meaning that customers can access the information they need when choosing which strength is right for them.

“We are committed to working with the FSA and the wider industry for the benefit of our customers as the CBD market continues to develop. We would like to thank our suppliers for their support while we completed this review.”

The statement accompanying CBD products on the Holland & Barrett website reads: “The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends a daily CBD intake of 10mg (for a 70kg adult) for products with 98% purity.

“This advice from FSA is precautionary and relates to long-term sustained use of CBD.

“Holland & Barrett recommend customers check labels and consider their daily intake of CBD and length of time they choose to take CBD for based on this updated FSA advice.”

James Edmunds, MD of CBD brand Trip, welcomed the news.

“We’re delighted that Holland & Barrett have lifted their temporary pause on selling CBD,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to collaborate with retail partners and regulators to prioritise consumer safety and provide clarity for customers.”

Edmunds said that Trip had recorded its “best sales week ever” for the week ending 15 October [NIQ]. This, he said, demonstrated the strength of demand for its products.

“Britons continue to choose Trip CBD products to support their everyday wellbeing – having seen the benefits first hand over the past few years,” he added.

Other products to have been reinstated include gummies from CBDfx and shots from Unroote. 

CBDfx managing director Carlo Buckley said the brand was “very glad” to have been reinstated, adding it was “on track” to record its strongest quarter of sales to date. 

“We hope to now work closely with the FSA to understand the wider implications of this announcement for every stakeholder in the supply chain, not least consumers who are central to everything we do,” he added.