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Source: GrowUp Farms

The launch was described as an ‘industry first’ by the business

Vertical farm operator GrowUp Farms has launched its first prepped salad SKU into Iceland.

Described as an “industry first”, the £1 salad bags (70g) have debuted under GrowUp’s Fresh Leaf Co brand, and will be available exclusively in selected stores from 28 February.

The Red + Green Mix is a combination of red and green baby lettuce leaves and has a “longer shelf life” than normal salad.

Every leaf has been grown and packed in the UK in a vertical farm, using 100% renewable energy. The salad is grown under LED lighting in a controlled environment without pesticides.

The launch comes as shortages of key salad and veg lines have hit the mults due to weather issues in the UK and abroad, and amid soaring production costs and energy prices for UK growers.

“Having Fresh Leaf Co on our shelves gives Iceland shoppers an affordable salad that’s grown year-round in the UK,” said Iceland group trading director Andrew Staniland. “Shopping on a budget doesn’t have to mean compromising on healthy eating or sustainable values.”

Fresh Leaf Co said the affordable, longer-life credentials played to shopper concerns.

“We created the brand in direct response to the never-ending pressure on shoppers’ purse strings,” said spokeswoman Lisa Bell.

“People want to eat healthily and don’t want to waste food. The launch shows how innovation and technology can support UK food and farming to build resilience and become more self-sufficient.”