As brand ‘voices’ go, Innocent’s is one of the most recognisable. But a new spot for its Bolt from the Blue juice offers a refreshing change from its cutesy ‘I’m a drink’ approach.

Linking up with Duncan James from early-2000s boyband Blue, it’s come up with an amusing mock-ad, full of ‘out-takes’ in which Dunc frets over his financial situation, implying he’s only in it for the money (which Innocent tells us is a mere £50). “I really believe in this product or service,” he deadpans.

The ad is full of neat touches, including a sprinkling of corny Blue references, a very funny web link, and a background nod to James’ supposed bankruptcy. Of course, such knowingness reassures viewers of the opposite, while telling us what a great guy he is. Innocent, meanwhile, is confident enough not even to tell us what makes the drink blue.

Everyone’s a winner!