Source: Unilever

Ruby chocolate was discovered in 2017 by Barry Callebaut

Magnum has become the first major ice cream brand to launch a ruby chocolate variant.

Magnum Ruby rolls out this week in three SKUs - 3x90ml, 6x55ml and single 90ml sticks - approximately three years after the chocolate was discovered by Barry Callebaut (rsp: £2 - £3.69). 

Ruby chocolate was “considered as one of the greatest breakthroughs in chocolate in decades by chefs and chocolatiers due to its unique taste and its stunning appearance”, said the brand.

“The naturally present flavour and colour tone in the Ruby bean is unlocked by a unique crafting process, creating a new dimension of taste and flavour in this chocolate which is free from artificial colours and fruit flavourings. A tension between berry fruitiness and fresh tangy notes.”

Magnum owner Unilever plans to splash £5.5m on a marketing push for the launch. 

Its rival Nestlé made headlines in 2018 when KitKat launched a bar using ruby chocolate.

However ruby is no longer the only new chocolate on the block. In September last year Barry Callebaut unveiled a chocolate made from the entire cacao fruit (including peel, pulp and juice) as well as its beans.