Red Bull Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower

The new flavour offered a ‘blend of exotic curuba, rounded off with floral notes of elderflower’

Red Bull has revealed its latest Summer Edition drink will be flavoured with curuba and elderflower.

The limited-edition flavour will be available nationwide from 11 March.

Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower (rsp: £1.60/250ml) offered a “blend of exotic curuba, rounded off with floral notes of elderflower”, according to Red Bull.

It would be available in in 250ml, 250ml PMP, 355ml Sugarfree and 250ml Sugarfree four-pack formats, the brand added.

Last year’s Summer Edition, Juneberry, which Red Bull described as its “most successful NPD yet” has been added to the brand’s permanent roster and renamed The Blue Edition.

Citing Kantar data, Red Bull said the introduction of its ‘Editions’ range had been incremental to growing the brand, with 50% of shoppers buying into the range new to the Red Bull brand.

Additionally, in a move the brand said would tap into “the growing demand for multipacks and encouraging trial of flavours”, Red Bull has added a new 8x250ml mixed Red Bull Sugarfree multipack.

The pack (rsp: TBC) contains two 250ml cans of Red Bull’s classic Sugarfree variant, alongside three of the brands bestselling Sugarfree Editions, Apricot, Blue and Coconut.

It will launch exclusively in grocery from March.