biotiful yorgut

Source: Biotiful Gut Health

The new range will initially feature two flavours: Vanilla and Cherry and will be available in Tesco

Biotiful Gut Health has announced the launch of a new Oat Kefir Yor-Gut range.

In what the brand claimed was a first for the category, the new yoghurt alternative is made from liquidised gluten-free oats, fruits and billions of live vegan cultures.

The new range (rsp: £2.50/350g) will initially feature two flavours, Vanilla and Cherry, and will be available in Tesco.

The yoghurt alternative also includes added vitamins B12 and D and no added sugar to support gut health and immunity.

It is designed to meet the 10% of the UK population that is dairy intolerant and the 50% of the population expected to follow a flexitarian diet by 2025.

“After two years of meticulous product development work, to deliver the perfect combination of taste, texture and clean plant-based nutrition for every day, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our Biotiful Oat Kefir Yor-Gut range,” said Natasha Bowes, CEO and founder of Biotiful Gut Health.

“With closest to the creamy dairy yoghurt experience yet clean and sustainable ingredients list (significantly less saturated fat, less starch and no gums compared to the existing product in the market), we are proud of truly stand for our mission to make gut health accessible to all, in the simplest and most delicious way,” she added.