Good Hemp New Milk October-20

Source: Good Hemp

The new plant milk has launched at Waitrose

Good Hemp is launching a new oat and hemp milk alternative into Waitrose.

The new SKU, called Oat + Hemp M*lk, marks the first time the brand has used a major ingredient other than hemp in its plant milks.

Good Hemp MD David Shaw said oat and hemp “combine to brilliant effect” with the “sweet creaminess of oats and the light nuttiness of hemp”.

He added oats worked “perfectly” with hemp from a flavour perspective, and with oat milk proving popular, Good Hemp saw this as “a great opportunity to bring the health and environmental benefits of hemp to the widest possible audience”.

It has launched into Waitrose, with plans to roll out at other retailers, including Morrisons, in January (rsp: £1.85/one litre).

It marks the sixth plant milk SKU for Good Hemp, joining Seed Milk, Barista Seed Milk, CBD Seed Milk, CBD Barista Seed Milk and CBD Chocolate Seed Milk.