ASDA 1 (1)

Asda made it two wins on the spin as it comfortably beat its supermarket rivals – though guest retailer Amazon came close in our Online 33, with its free delivery under Prime membership reducing the gap from £4.82 to just 32p as Asda charged £4.50 for the delivery.

Asda offered the lowest price for 18 products and was exclusively cheapest for a dozen. Its exclusively cheapest lines included the chicken breast mini-fillets, Gü desserts, San Pellegrino and the Starbucks Latte.

Amazon took second spot despite not being exclusively cheapest for any lines. It matched the lowest price for eight products and had the most deals with 11, all of which were straight price discounts.

Tesco also had 11 promotions with eight price cuts and three multibuys. Waitrose had nine deals, Asda eight, Morrisons seven and Sainsbury’s six.

There was just 12p between Morrisons in third place and Sainsbury’s in fourth. The former was £6.72 more expensive than Asda at £83.45, with the lowest price on nine products, six exclusively so.

Sainsbury’s had two exclusively cheapest products in a basket most notable for having the highest inflation at 6.9%. Average inflation was 5.7% not including Amazon.

Tesco relied on its Clubcard Prices to remain competitive. At £86.30 shelf prices were almost a tenner more expensive than Asda and just £2.48 cheaper than Waitrose. However, loyalty scheme members would have saved £6.03, which would have propelled Tesco into second, albeit still £3.54 more expensive than Asda. Tesco was cheapest for seven lines and exclusively so for the apple juice.

At £88.78, Waitrose was £12.05 dearer than Asda. It offered the lowest price for five items and was exclusively cheapest for the vanilla custard.