Asda was exclusively cheapest for the Flora ProActiv and 12 more items

Asda claimed a comfortable Grocer 33 pricing win this week– its first in five weeks – as rival loyalty pricing schemes failed to put a meaningful dent in its price advantage.

Across all five retailers, our shopping basket was just 0.9% more expensive than this time last year and 0.9% cheaper last month. Just three products saw inflation of over 10% in the past 12 months – the frozen mixed vegetables, Kellogg’s variety pack and Ribena.

In contrast, 17 items were up by less than 10% and 11 were cheaper than in May 2023, including the own-label peanut butter, which was down 19%.

And Asda led the way in driving down inflation, its £60.26 total £6.35 cheaper than runner-up Sainsbury’s, 1.1% lower year on year and 5.7% month on month. In all, 20 products were cheapest, 13 exclusively, including the eggs, Flora ProActiv, Gordon’s pink gin & tonic and spinach.

Sainsbury’s was cheapest for 10 items, exclusively for three – the apple sauce, pork loin joint and Twinings teabags. With Nectar Prices, an instant discount of £3.35 would still have left it £3 dearer than Asda, albeit lowering inflation further.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for six items, including the sausage rolls and Comfort fabric conditioner. At £68.40, it was, however, £8.14 more expensive than Asda.

Tesco was a further 11p back on £68.51 based on shelf-edge prices. With Clubcard Prices discounts, a saving of £3.69 would only have nudged it up into third, still £4.56 pricier than Asda.

Waitrose was the cheapest place to go this week for the Chavroux goats cheese and Pizza Express pizza dough – but that was where its competitiveness ended. It came in fully £18.29 more expensive than Asda at £78.55.

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