Asda Clydebank 1500 Photography

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Steven Graham was talking to Lilith Foster-Collins

Store: Asda Clydebank
Store manager: Steven Graham
Opened: 1998
Size: 52,173 sq ft
Market share: 15.9%
Population: 366,772
Grocery spend: £9,870,356.38
Spend by household: £55.62
Competitors: 83
Nearest rivals: Aldi 0.2 miles, Asda 3.3 miles, Co-op 0.5 miles, Iceland 0.2 miles, Lidl 0.4 miles, M&S 2.4 miles, Morrisons 1.8 miles, Sainsbury’s 1.0 miles, Tesco 1.4 miles, Waitrose 3.9 miles

Source: CACI. For more info visit Notes: Shopper profiling is measured using Grocery Acorn shopper segmentation. Store catchment data (market share, population, expenditure, spend by household, competition) is within a five-mile radius.
For CACI’s shopper segmentation of the other stores we visited this week see the online report at

Could you tell me a bit about your career trajectory at Asda? I’ve worked for Asda since 1991. I was 19 years old when I started, working part-time at the time because I was at college. I just really enjoyed it, the fast pace of working in retail. I worked my way up the ranks through the years in various stores, most of them around the Glasgow region. I’ve been a store manager for eight years now, and this is my fourth store in that role. I’ve been in Clydebank about 10 or 11 months. It’s been really exciting and I’ve enjoyed it.

How’s the year going so far?  The year started really well in terms of customer numbers increasing over the past year. We’ve had lots of events in store – Valentine’s and Easter were a great success. We really focused on availability for Easter, making sure customers could get what they want.

How do you keep availability high in store? Availability is definitely one of the key focuses that we have here. If the customer can come in and get what they want, then the customer leaves happy. We have a really experienced team and we really focus in on the process to make sure we’ve got the product available on the shelf at the right time for the customer in the store, and also for our online customer.

What do you have planned for the coronation? If you come in the store at the moment, you can probably sense something is going on with the bunting and everything. We do have a wide range of offers and we are really celebrating the whole party theme. We have items in our home and leisure department such as keepsakes and decorations, in the fresh departments and the seasonal aisles we have a whole range of cakes, and so on.

What key offers do you have in store at the moment? We’ve got Asda Rewards on at the moment, and honestly it’s one of the best things that we’ve done in Asda. It gives customers a chance to complete missions to build up their cash pots. The great thing about it is that the rewards are in the form of actual money to spend in store, not points. Customers get their own specific, personalised missions based on their purchase history. It’s been a huge success and customers love it. With the cost of living crisis, that extra cash really makes a difference.

What are your customers like? The store itself is part of a retail park so we do see quite high footfall in store. The area has a great community feel – you can really see the same customers coming in week in, week out. Most of them have a really great relationship with the colleagues. A lot of our colleagues have worked here for years and they get to know all the customers. We have a diverse customer base, lots of young and elderly customers. That means we have to be able to cater for different kinds of customer needs, which keeps us on our toes!

What’s your approach to managing your staff to get the best out of the store? The colleagues and the leadership team in the store are very experienced, so I very much have the attitude of working together as one team. We need to make sure we are coaching the colleagues, and the store has a really great track record for developing people and moving people on.