store manager

You received particularly strong feedback on your staff. What is your secret? We really pride ourselves on great service. That is what sets us apart and our colleagues make it their highest priority to deliver the service they would want themselves. We have a meeting every day to celebrate positive feedback and we get a lot of it.

I understand you only started at this store 16 weeks ago. Yes, I was previously a deputy manager, then I moved to work in the non-food division. I supported all the stores in the area with their clothing and GM products. It’s amazing to come back to the store management environment and work with all 227 colleagues. They have made me feel very welcome.

What has been the biggest change since you last worked in store management? It’s possibly the amount of choices customers have with home delivery and click & collect. There is just so much the customer has at their fingertips. We have to constantly evolve and no matter what we are doing, the customer expects us to be 100%.

There are rumours of Sainsbury’s opening a major delivery hub in Dundee. Yes, but that’s not been 100% confirmed. We certainly do have a great online department in our stores. Actually, over 10% of our store’s trade comes from online.

Have any new lines proven popular? Yes, we’ve got a new shampoo and conditioner range called My Hair Matters that came in a week ago. It’s a really attractive range and customers are already buying into it. It looks so premium but only costs £1.50 per bottle.

Have any Fairly Traded products come in store yet and what has feedback been like?Yes, the products have started coming in now, such as the tea, and customer feedback has been very positive. We have a long-standing relationship with farmers and we’ve had no queries about dropping Fairtrade.

Winner: Sainsbury’s Tom Johnston Road, Dundee

Deputy store manager: Donald Davidson

Size: 39,000 sq ft

Opened : 2001

Market share : 25.3%

Nearest rivals:

Co-op - 0.4 miles

Tesco - 1 mile

Iceland - 1 mile

Aldi - 1.7 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Iceland far cheaper than Grocer 33 pricing rivals