Name: Chris Bush

Job title: UK MD, Tesco

Has the online boom Tesco experienced over Christmas continued into the New Year? This isn’t just a Christmas boom. What we’re seeing is a huge shift towards online and what consumers are looking for is a convenient way to access Tesco when they want, wherever they want. We’re doing everything we can to cater for that.

What recent developments have you had with your online offer? We’ve recently announced that we’re going to be working with TfL on new click & collect services. We’ve already got 1,500 click & collect locations and we’ll look to roll them out wherever we can. This is a huge opportunity for us and we’ll look to offer click & collect wherever customers tell us they want it.

One of our shopper’s few gripes was that items such as dips were “particularly difficult” to locate. Are you planning to make searching easier? We’re constantly making improvements to the search and navigation tools and we try to make sure the site is as simple as possible.

Are there any features of the site you are pleased with? The grocery app we launched is an example of how we have made it even more mobile. We’ve had over three million downloads.

How have the floods affected your online deliveries? Of course it has had an effect, but what we’ve also seen is an increase in demand from some areas because of the situation. In Muchelney in Somerset, which has been cut off by the floods, we were actually able to arrange for Tesco online deliveries to be taken in by lifeboat. This isn’t the first flood we’ve had and I am always very proud of the way Tesco reacts to these situations, no more so of course than during the flooding in Thailand.