Tesco Clubcard prices aisle shopper

Tesco was exclusively cheapest for the sweetcorn cobettes this week

Tesco’s Clubcard Prices initiative once again helped the UK’s biggest grocer undercut its traditional supermarket rivals, as well as Amazon and Ocado, in our weekly price comparison.

Based on shelf-edge pricing, Asda appeared the cheapest retailer this week, with Amazon its nearest rival, some £7.83 dearer than Asda’s £68.50 total.

Asda also led the way in driving down inflation, some 8% cheapest month on month and 0.3% down year on year, while being cheapest for 14 items and exclusively so for nine products.

Tesco was languishing in fifth place based on shelf-edge prices, its £77.39 total £8.89 more expensive than Asda’s. However a £9.20 (or 11.9%) discount to loyalty card members off its shopping bill meant it undercut Asda by 31p (and was also 5.6% cheaper year on year).

Loyalty pricing at Sainsbury’s also saw it climb up the rankings. It was £10.91 more expensive than Asda at the shelf-edge. Its Nectar Prices discounts were not as significant as Tesco, but at £5.85 it reduced the retailer’s total to £73.56.

This would have left it third, £5.37 more expensive than Tesco after all the discounts were factored in, and £5.06 more expensive than Asda.

While Amazon won the battle of the online grocers, Ocado was still surprisingly competitive this time around. At £76.97 it was just 64p more expensive than the online giant and 10p cheaper than Morrisons.

Amazon was exclusively cheapest for six items including the French’s mustard and garlic baguettes, while Ocado beat all of its rivals on the Cathedral City Plant Based and Mr Kipling Angel slices.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for the Pizza Express salad dressing, but overall it was considerably more expensive at £84.81 – a £16.62 premium to a Tesco shopper with a Clubcard.