Brakes Wildfarmed

Brakes has partnered with Wildfarmed, The Bread Factory and Specialty Breads to create a new sustainable bread range using a more sustainable blend of flour.

London-based supplier Wildfarmed creates flour from wheat that is grown without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

It also supports regenerative agriculture, by allowing multiple crops in the same field and including methods beneficial to biodiversity. 

The breads are made with a wheat flour blend that includes 25% Wildfarmed flour, giving it an additional rustic flavour.

The new range includes Wildfarmed branded sourdough loaves, rolls, and burger buns, as well as a complementary range of flour.

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“Regenerative agriculture will be key for foodservice operators to cut the emissions of the food they serve,” said Paul Nieduszynski, CEO at Brakes owner Sysco GB.

“We’re pleased to be leading the way with this fantastic range. At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to deliver sustainable, healthy, and flavoursome food production.

“Our partnership introduces an exclusive range of artisanal bread products, combining The Bread Factory’s baking expertise with Wildfarmed’s responsibly grown flours, and bringing it within the reach of thousands of chefs through the Brakes’ network.”