Gordon Johncox

Aston Manor gears up to grow its premium cider sales 30-fold Subscription

24 Nov 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

MD Gordon Johncox outlines his vision for future of Frosty Jack’s producer…

pie cream tea one use

Pastries & Meat Snacks Category Report 2015 Subscription

20 Nov 2015 | By Emma Sturgess

Posh piemakers have spotted people’s passion for a premium pie, boosting value back into growth. Can volumes follow suit?

Halloween display in Asda

Confectionery brands run fewer Halloween offers in till aisles Subscription

22 Oct 2015 | By Vince Bamford

There’s blood in the shopping aisles – and we’re not talking about brutal range rationalisation

omsco organic mozzarella production

Omsco wins licence to export UK organic dairy to China Subscription

20 Nov 2015 | By Kevin White

The deal means Omsco can also supply milk to dairy processors who want to export to China

sustainable tuna fish

Tuna stocks suffer as arguments about fishing methods rage Subscription

17 Nov 2015 | By Carina Perkins

Ttuna and the pros and cons of various catching methods are the hot topics of debate

Wayne Hudson

Wayne Hudson named Birds Eye managing director

20 Nov 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Hudson to replace Andy Weston-Webb as he takes on newly created role of chief commercial officer

conchita wurst one use credit action press/rex shutterstock

Toiletries Category Report 2015 Subscription

29 Oct 2015 | By Natalie Brown

In some ways Conchita Wurst reflects current fashions in Britain: she has a beard; her legs are smooth and she has an eye for a bargain

twinings new range tea

Twinings extends its herbal and green tea line-up Subscription

12 Nov 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Two new ranges include one inspired by British gardens and one to make green tea more accessible

Mark Jeyes

Jeyes CEO Mark Tyldesley has designs on feeling flush Subscription

04 Nov 2015 | By Megan Tatum

After a bumpy ride with pre-tax losses, the restructured Jeyes is on course to clean up with the discounters

meat roast dinner

Chatham House report puts meat firmly on the environmental agenda Subscription

24 Nov 2015 | By Carina Perkins

An influential group has not minced its words when it comes to what must be done with meat

wensleydale and apple chutney kettle chips

Kettle Chips Yorkshire Wensleydale & Cox Apple Chutney Subscription

20 Nov 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Kettle Chips volumes are up 4% – faster than the category – but the brand’s average price has fallen

Red Bull still ad

Red Bull returns to TV with new animated ad Subscription

23 Nov 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Red Bull has returned to screens with a new instalment of its animated ad campaign

sponge pudding dessert custard

Hot Desserts Category Report 2015

21 Aug 2015

What can the mults learn from the discounters?

noodles one use

Rice & Noodles Category Report 2015

17 Aug 2015

Brits are slurping up record volumes of those famous Japanese staples, rice & noodles

Up&Go surfer ad

Breakfast category report 2015

07 Aug 2015

 Are British breakfasts really changing that fast? And what can traditional breakfast brands do to keep the newcomers in check?

halloween children fancy dress costumes

Halloween category report 2015

03 Aug 2015 | By Paul Davies

How have the supermarkets responded to the risk? How will sales of costumes and Halloween goods in general fare this year?

bearded man

Male grooming category report 2015

03 Aug 2015 | By Natalie Brown

Bristling beards and moustaches are the look of choice for many British men, 45% of whom now sport some kind of facial hair

Home Baking one use

Home baking category report 2015

24 Jul 2015 | By Amy North

Prices are on the up in the home baking aisle despite the soaring influence of the discounters. Can the new Bake Off series sustain growth?

focus canned one use

Canned & ambient category report 2015

24 Jul 2015 | By Emma Sturgess

No self-respecting survivalist would be without a bunker full of tinned food. But is the canned and ambient category in a dark place? 

tomatoes pancake free from

Focus on free from 2015

10 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Sonya Hook

Where should free-from go in store: in its own fixture or among conventional products?

Focus on Functional Food - superfoods

Functional food category report 2015

10 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Paul Davies

What can functional brands do to mitigate risk?


Lunchbox category report 2015

03 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Natalie Brown

What does the coming year hold for players trying to earn a crust from the lunchbox sector? 


Lamb prices rise as NZ production slows Subscription

22 Oct 2015

Lamb prices are increasing seasonally in New Zealand because it is now in its breeding season


Low Canadian production pushes up coldwater prawn prices Subscription

15 Oct 2015

Coldwater prawn prices have been increasing due to low seasonal production in Canada


Global meat prices to ease after 2014 highs Subscription

03 Jul 2015 | By Carina Perkins

Global meat prices are set to climb down from the record levels experienced in 2014…

Pig farm protest

The mega pig farm that kicked up a mega stink Subscription

29 Apr 2015 Updated: 29 Apr 2015 | By James Halliwell

For five years, Midland Pig Producers battled to open a pig farm in the village of Foston. They failed. So what happened? And what does the future now hold for large-scale pig farming in the UK?

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