black sheep brewery craft beer bottles

Black Sheep Brewery keeps moving with bottled craft beer trio Subscription

28 Aug 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Black Sheep Brewery is set to make an ambitious move into the modern craft arena

hovis good inside bread

Hovis unveils bread with extra omega-3 and wheatgerm Subscription

06 Aug 2015 | By Vince Bamford

Hovis is hoping its new loaves will woo shoppers who have ditched bread over health concerns…

child one use

Is the guilt lane still in the dock? Subscription

27 Jun 2015 | By Megan Tatum

How have supermarkets evolved their checkout offers? Who’s taken a lead? Who’s holding back?

nisa lorry

Farmers For Action take milk fight to Nisa's Scunthorpe depot Subscription

28 Aug 2015 | By Kevin White

The independent retail sector has become the new target for protesting dairy farmers

young's funky fish

The Funky Fish Kitchen - Cod Fillets: acid test Subscription

28 Aug 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Young’s has brought out continual NPD under the Funky Fish Kitchen banner

young's scampi

Young's adds scampi, basa and meals for one to Gastro line-up Subscription

27 Aug 2015 | By Helen Gilbert

Young’s is to debut four new products under its Gastro fish brand from this weekend

ella's kitchen smooshy snacks

Ella's Kitchen adds snacks for three to five year olds Subscription

20 Aug 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Ella’s Kitchen is expanding its snacks range with its first products for three to five-year-old…

Stir Drinks probiotic tea

Daily Cultures brews up a probiotic cuppa Subscription

27 Aug 2015 | By Lisa Riley

Mike Brehme has launched a range of probiotic teas that contain a patented strain of the ‘good bacteria’

battery one use

Leading the charge: batteries category report 2015 Subscription

27 Aug 2015 | By Simon Creasey

The battery market overall is rather flat but Panasonic and Energizer are powering ahead

chris elilott

'It's back to the bad old days in red meat' warns Elliott Subscription

28 Aug 2015 | By Julia Glotz

A year on from his post-Horsegate review, Professor Chris Elliott worries aggressive buying practices are back in parts of the market

Manomasa tortilla chips

Bagged snack brand Manomasa launches tortilla chip Subscription

19 Aug 2015 | By Vince Bamford

The chips are named after the traditional rustic bars of Mexico…


Orange supply squeeze puts pressure on juice suppliers Subscription

22 Aug 2015 | By Edward Devlin

An expected shortage of fresh oranges from Spain is set to squeeze juice supplies

focus on bread, cheap as chips

Bread category report 2015

08 May 2015

Against a backdrop of declining market value - and high-profile delistings - suppliers and retailers are asking themselves how they can drive value back into the category

focus on snacks, mr potato head

Crisps, nuts and snacks category report 2015

01 May 2015

Why are crisps losing share to other savoury snacks? What kinds of snacks are enjoying the greatest growth and why? And what can brands do to rescue the humble potato crisp over the coming year?

focus on soft drinks, lead, fizz in shape of world

Soft drinks category report 2015

24 Apr 2015

How do the calorie reduction efforts of UK soft drinks players compare with those of their counterparts overseas? And how are the steps being taken affecting sales?

focus on farm shop, lead picture, digging the soil with red wellies

Farm shop & deli show category report 2015

20 Apr 2015

What does it take to keep the tills ringing in farm shops and delis in 2015?

focus on own label, lead picture

Own label category report 2015

17 Apr 2015

Shifting pricing strategies and the growth of the discounters transform the UK retail landscape

focus on NCS, lead picture, magician behind counter

National Convenience Show category report 2015

17 Apr 2015

what tricks can the indies pull out of the hat to add a touch of magic to sales?

focus on suncare

Suncare category report 2015

10 Apr 2015

Average prices are falling and the discounters are taking a growing share of the market

Focus on Yoghurt, woman eating sour yoghurt

Yoghurts category report 2015

02 Apr 2015

What’s behind the category’s recent sales slump? And what can be done about it?

BBQ Category Report Uncle Sam

Barbecue category report 2015

27 Mar 2015 | By Gavin Cleaver

Short of devising a climate control switch for Britain, how can more value be squeezed out of the barbecue, come rain or shine?

fast jet and water

Bottled water category report 2015

20 Mar 2015

Sales of bottled water through the supermarkets have surged and analysis by Kantar Worldpanel suggests nearly half of this has been consumed at home

halal meat

Is halal meat getting fit for the future? Q&A with The Grocer Subscription

24 Apr 2015 | By Julia Glotz

What does the halal meat sector need to do to improve standards, enhance its image and stimulate demand?

'state of the nation', raw meat

Meat sector reshapes but will it find greater profitability? Subscription

24 Apr 2015 | By Carina Perkins

After Horsegate and amid gruelling margin pressure, consolidation is high on the agenda in the UK meat sector

Bacon and sausages feature, pigs in blankets

How the bacon and sausage category is aiming to drive up sales Subscription

23 Apr 2015

However well the two go together, bacon and sausages are experiencing contrasting fortunes…

fish feature, octopus in can

Fish can be a winner in innovative and tasty new formats Subscription

23 Apr 2015 | By Megan Tatum

Shoppers may not be ready for a whole octopus in a can but they are hungry for fish and seafood innovation

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Eversheds – M&A: a strategy for growth in the food and drink sector

Eversheds – M&A: a strategy for growth in the food and drink sector



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