PR Aldi Christmas Advert Launch 2021 Hero Image

Kevin the Carrot has returned to Aldi’s Christmas ad campaign, alongside new characters Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Radishford, voiced by England striker and hunger campaigner Marcus Rashford.

The ad espouses the benefits of kindness at Christmas, highlighting Aldi’s pledge to donate 1.8 million meals to families in need over the festive season. The discounter will work with its redistribution partner Neighbourly, which links businesses to charitable organisations in local communities, to donate its surplus food to local causes.

“As a family, we relied on the local food bank to get our Christmas dinner. To this day, I remember queuing outside that building with mum; mum feeling embarrassed that she might be recognised. It is with that in mind that I’m delighted to lend my support to the Aldi campaign,” said Rashford, who was this week awarded an MBE for his efforts to ensure no children went hungry during the pandemic.

“For many children in situations like mine growing up, there is very little expectation around this time of year; add the impact of the pandemic and the very least they deserve is a Christmas dinner.”

The ad will first air on TV today (11 November), depicting an adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol called A Christmas Carrot, by Charles Chickens.

It follows Ebanana Scrooge, who was introduced as a young banana in a teaser trailer released last week. Kevin the Carrot returns to remind Ebanana of the joy Christmas can bring.

“Christmas is a time for hope, and we’re privileged to be working with Marcus, who is one of the most inspirational young people in the UK, having done so much in the past 18 months to help provide free school meals for children,” added Sean McGinty, marketing director at Aldi UK.

“At the same time, it wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens, and we’re thrilled to be bringing him back for the sixth year for his many fans, in what we think is his best Yuletide performance yet.”