Asda Nanfluencer

Source: Instagram/@asda

Asda has already amassed over 4.3 million views on TikTok and Instagram

Asda has employed two savvy ‘nanas’ as the faces of a social media campaign to reappraise the supermarket’s value credentials.

The new campaign follows the launch of Asda’s AldiLidl price match last month.

The content sees one, ‘Nana Joan’, browsing the aisles and nodding in approval as she says “that’s all good prices in’t it?”. She later moves to the frozen aisle and when her granddaughter asks what she’d like next she firmly says “chips, we can’t do without a bag of these”. At the end of her shop, she’s heard telling the cashier “I was 90 on New Year’s Eve… I just want some new legs”.

Working with social media agency, VaynerMedia EMEA, Asda has already amassed over 4.3 million views on TikTok and Instagram.

The move comes on the back of the rise of the “granfluencer” – a social media trend that has seen more and more web-savvy seniors pulling in hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers for sharing their top tips and wise advice online.

“Asda has a long history of being the lowest-price traditional supermarket and we’re constantly investing in new initiatives to keep our prices low for our customers,” said Annie Stevenson, senior director social media transformation at Asda. “Our Aldi & Lidl price match is just the latest example of this.

“We were keen to find an engaging way to communicate this offering to our followers on social channels – and with the shift to relatable, inclusive and honest voices being favoured on social media, who else is better to share a trustworthy opinion of our latest campaign than our very own nanfluencers?”

Dan Fryer, creative director at VaynerMedia EMEA, added: “We know Asda has great products and prices but wanted a creative, memorable way to tell the public. Then we thought, who better to deliver the message than someone we all trust? We saw the opportunity to communicate Asda’s value heartland in a unique way and went for it. It’s been a joy to create, and we look forward to seeing how far our ‘nanfluencers’ can go.”