Crave bagged snacks

Source: Crave

Monster Feet and Wots’inits will become Noughties and Hot Dawgs respectively

Free-from startup Crave is to change the name of three key products following legal challenges by PepsiCo and Ferrero.

It will rename its Wots’inits and Monster Feet bagged snacks and Notella spread – while the shape of Monster Feet will change to distance them from PepsiCo’s similar-looking Monster Munch.

“We have had a legal challenge from the respective brand owners and have come to an agreement where we will be changing the names of those products,” said Crave founder Rob Brice.

“Essentially, we’re allowed to sell through stock – but we will be rebranding Monster Feet to a product called Noughties,” he added.

“We will have to change the name Wots’inits, but also the term Flamin’ Hot in regards to the flavour. So, they will become Hot & Spicy Hot Dawgs, and Notella will change to Sir Spread-a-Lot.”

Situations like these were “never ideal as a small startup brand, and obviously cost us as a business,” said Brice, insisting Crave “never set out to do anything malicious or retaliatory. The whole idea behind Crave is we give people the products they crave.”

The brand would continue to do so while staying on “the right side of the line” with competitors, Brice said.

While the legal challenges would not change Crave’s “tongue-in-cheek” identity, “we’ve just got to be careful now”, he added.

A Ferrero spokeswoman said Crave’s Notella “infringed upon our intellectual property rights relating to the Nutella brand.

“We have been in contact with them directly to address this, as per our rights to do so.”

PepsiCo had not responded to requests for comment as The Grocer went to press.

It comes after Crave appeared on Channel 4 TV show ‘Aldi’s Next Big Thing’ in November, winning listings for Monster Feet and Smokey Bacon Streakers.