Easter eggs

Focus On: Easter & Spring by Rob Brown and Natalie Brown

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Publishing: 19 January

Advertising deadline: 9 January

Submissions deadline: 7 January


The Story

Breggsit is coming. This year, Easter falls in April – shortly after Britain is due to leave the European Union. It’s proving poor timing for confectioners. According to reports in the national media, brands are stockpiling Easter treats to prepare for a hard Brexit. So what could this mean for Easter this year? Who is likely to be most affected? And does all this leave any space for innovation?

Key themes:

Breggsit: How will Britain’s upcoming exit from the European Union affect prices and availability of products?

Timing: There have been reports of retailers selling Easter products before Christmas this year, which many customers have branded ‘too early’ on social media. How are sales affected when Easter products reach shelves long before spring has sprung? How did the shorter Easter period last year affect sales, and what can the category expect this year from the much longer trading season?

Retailers: Trading was rough for three of the big four last year, as only Tesco made it into value growth. Meanwhile Waitrose has managed to turn around its performance last year to achieve the fastest growth across the major retailers. How has Waitrose clawed it back? If it’s down to demand for premium products, then why is fellow high-end retailer Marks and Spencer down? To what extent are promotions hampering growth? What lessons can be learned from last year?

Brands vs own label: It’s not every day that brands can be seen swiping category share from own label. Yet last year saw own label Easter products dip on volumes and value, whilst sales of their branded counterparts climbed £26.6m. What did brands get right last year, and how do they plan to maintain growth this Easter?

Instagram’s influence: Last year saw Instagram-spun pineapple, flamingo and avocado Easter eggs hit retail shelves. What are the big trends in eggs this year, and who is capitalising on them?

Premium indulgences: What are the most luxurious Easter eggs out this year, how much do they cost, and what makes them so special?

Innovations:  We identify eight new products for both soup and ready meals that ideally have not appeared in The Grocer before. including launch date, image and RSP.

Online Listicle to go live on 18 January: What are the big trends in eggs this year, and who is capitalising on them