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Source: The Salad Project

Food-to-go operator The Salad Project has launched a new concept, ‘Spaces’, in its Mansion House site in London.

The new concept targets customers “living the fast life”, giving them the option to order their salad or bowl online and collect in store.

Co-founder Florian de Chezelles told The Grocer the new concept saved customers an average of 13 minutes, enabling them to “get their salad in two minutes versus about 15 when queueing in the traditional stores”.

Together with time-saving measures, the new concept features a new minimalistic look, with numbered boxes where the bowls can be collected directly.

“The goal is to be able to reach our loyal customers faster and more efficiently”, said de Chezelles. “All the food is made from scratch directly on site, and is then delivered to the customer in individual cubby holes.

“Our desire is to help our customers who live manic lives. We want to target those customers who don’t have the time to queue… those living the fast life who want to be able to order directly on their phone from their desk, or during their meetings.”

The Salad Project will roll out Spaces in a hybrid mode alongside traditional delivery, for those customers “who want a more personalised experience, who love the interactions with our team members and trust their recommendations when ordering” said de Chezelles.

All salads are made-to-order fresh in store, meaning there is close to zero food waste at the end of the day.

The company has five restaurants in London and plans to open three more by the end of the year.

While short-term goals are focused on developing its London estate, The Salad Project said it wanted to eventually “bring healthier food” across the nation.

“We think this nation needs better access to healthy fast food. Our intention is to start in London and go national, to cater for all those people,” said de Chezelles.

“The way I see it, The Salad Project is your new bad habit – except it’s really good for you.”