Iceland Bonus Card app

Iceland shoppers can now use their Bonus Card to pay for shopping online as well as in-store

Iceland is extending the benefits of its Bonus Card loyalty scheme to online shoppers.

Iceland’s Bonus Card acts as a payment card for shopping. Customers top it up from a debit or credit card and for every £20 they ‘save’ on it, Iceland adds another £1.

Previously, customers have only been able to use the Bonus Card to pay in stores but they can now use it for online shopping at too.

Iceland is also continuing to offer ‘Bonus Card Pricing’, with exclusive savings of up to 50% on selected lines. The exclusive discounts were first launched as a ‘six-week Bonus Card special’ in September last year, but the deals are now being refreshed fortnightly.

The latest include 750g of McCain Cook Crispy French Fries at £1.50 instead of £3, and 840g of Ambrosia’s Vanilla and Fudge Swirl Ice Cream for £2 instead of £3.50.

The Bonus Card was launched as an app in April last year. The extension of the scheme to online follows the millionth download of the app this month, according to Iceland.

Here’s the full list of current exclusive Bonus Card savings, available until 1 March, when they will next be refreshed:

• Mr Kipling 8 French Fancies (£1.50,150g) was £2.00, now £1.50

• McCain Quick Cook Crispy French Fries (£1.50, 750g) was £3.00, now £1.50

• Linda McCartney’s 6 Vegetarian Sausages (£1.10, 270g) was £2.20, now £1.10

• Birds Eye 44 Chicken Nuggets with Golden Wholegrain (£2.00, 695g) was £4.00, now £2.00

• Ambrosia Ice Cream Vanilla (£2.00, 840ml) was £3.50, now £2.00

• Young’s Gastro Fish Bakes Mediterranean Tomato Chunky Fish Portions (£1.87, 340g) was £3.75, now £1.87

• Young’s Gastro Fish Bakes Cheese & Leek Chunky Fish Portions (£1.87, 340g) was £3.75, now £1.87

• Linda McCartney’s 2 Vegetarian Mozzarella 1/4lb Burger’s (£1.10, 227g) £2.20, now £1.10

• Kit Kat Chunky Milk Chocolate Bar (£1.60, 32g) was £2.00, now £1.60

• Ambrosia Ice Cream Vanilla & Fudge swirl (£2.00, 840ml) was £3.50, now £2.00

• Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk Chocolate Bar Multipack (£1.60, 41.5g) was £2.00, now £1.60

• Oumph The Spiced Kebab (£1.75, 280g) was £3.00, now £1.75

• Fry’s 2 Plant – Based Burger Patties the Big Fry Burger (£1.62, 224g) was £3.25, now £1.62