Just Eat’s tie-up with Snoop Dogg for its ‘Did Somebody Say’ push was one of Adland’s most successful recent forays into musical advertising. It’s playing in your head right now, isn’t it?

It has proved so successful, in fact, that Just Eat has been able to sign up another superstar to sing it: Katy Perry. Perry faces a tough task, as anyone covering a ‘classic’ does, but she’s the perfect choice, parlaying a career of wink-at-the-camera kitsch into what feels like a knowing, inclusive update.

The ad sees her at ‘home’ in a cartoonish dolls’ house, singing of the virtues of sushi, salad, ice cream and more. With more food-based outrageous costume changes than you can shake a breadstick at, Perry ensures Just Eat stays top of the delivery ad charts.