Last week’s AOTW, for Harry’s, starred Harry Kane in a moody one-shot ad that addressed masculinity. Now here’s a moody one-shot ad for Sprite, starring pole dancing champ Alberto Del Campo, which addresses masculinity.

This ad sees Del Campo doing his thing around a pole, while a voiceover relays disparaging comments. It’s bilious stuff, calling him an “unnatural and sinful deviant” among other things – who knew people got so exercised about this? (Although strangely it’s not made clear from where or whom the comments originate.)

There are moments where the words seem to affect even the improbably handsome, muscly Del Campo, but in the end he simply laughs and walks away, Sprite’s ‘It’s haters season – stay fresh’ slogan following him.

It seems an oddly specific issue to address, and brands won’t be able to sideline their products from issues-based ads for long without it starting to seem like faux humility. But for now you can’t knock the empowering message.