Heck NPD

Source: Heck

The supplier’s glut of new lines hit shelves over the course of this month

Heck has launched a breadcrumb-wrapped sausage dipper line and a new breakfast sausage as part of a volley of autumn NPD it described as “one of our biggest ever”.

The dippers resembled a mix between a sausage roll, US-style corn dogs and chip shop staple the battered sausage, said Heck co-founder Jamie Keeble.

Made with seasoned pork shoulder and rolled in a gluten-free crispy crumb, it will go into Tesco on 26 September (rsp: £3/400g).

Heck was also deviating from its high meat content sausages to launch a lightly seasoned breakfast sausage, Keeble added.

It was made using 60% pork (compared with its 97% meat standard sausage), which offered a “smooth texture that was “perfect for the whole family and spot on for a full English or sausage sarnie”. It went on sale in Morrisons on 12 September before launching in Tesco on 26 September (rsp: £2.50/440g).

The sausage was at “the right price point” amid fears of a recession, he suggested, with the launch coming in the same week as Heck rolled out value tier sister brand the Yorkshire Sausage Company in Tesco (rsp: £2/410g).

The supplier also expanded its 60/40 flexitarian range – made using 60% British chicken breast and thigh and 40% vegetables – with the launch of two new chipolata lines in Chicken, Red Pepper & Feta; and Chicken, Minted Pea & Spinach variants into Tesco this month (rsp: £3/360g).

Heck launched pea-protein meat-free burgers into Sainsbury’s this week (rsp: £2/170g), while it is following the limited edition Steak & Butter Burger it launched earlier this summer with a Steak & Butter Meatballs line in Tesco on 26 September (rsp: £3.50/300g).

Meanwhile, fans of its square sausage will be able to pick up the line in Morrisons until 9 October (rsp: £2/400g) alongside a limited edition Cumberland sausage SKU (rsp: £2/400g) and a plump pork & apple sausage line (rsp: £2/400g).

Heck enters value tier with creation of new sausage brand