KitKat NPD for 2023

Source: Nestlé

The new products are: Kit Kat Caramel; Kit Kat Bites with Lotus Biscoff; and Kit Kat Chunky White with Lotus Biscoff

Kit Kat has unveiled a pipeline of NPD for 2023, including bars filled with Lotus Biscoff.

The new products are: Kit Kat Caramel, Kit Kat Bites with Lotus Biscoff, and Kit Kat Chunky White with Lotus Biscoff.

Caramel will hit shelves in a two-finger multipack format this month. A four-finger single format will roll into retailers on 1 February and four-finger multipack will follow on 1 April (rsps: 75p-£1.99/41.5g).

The new Bites are “bite-sized” Kit Kat pieces filled with Lotus Biscoff spread. They will roll into retailers in a 90g sharing bag at the end of February (rsp: £1.35).

Finally, Chunky White with Lotus Biscoff comprises the brand’s traditional wafer layers, topped with Lotus’s caramelised biscuit crumb and covered in white chocolate. It will roll exclusively into Tesco in March (rsp: 75p).

Kit Kat has also brought back its four-finger vegan bar, which was initially unveiled as a limited-edition launch in February 2021. It comprises vegan chocolate blended with a rice syrup designed to help emulate the texture and taste of milk chocolate.

Kit Kat has reformulated its Dark variant to make it “even tastier” and given it a rebrand.

Vegan has already rolled into stores (rsp: £1/41.5g); Dark, meanwhile, will hit shelves in February (rsp: 75p/41.5g).

Kit Kat assistant brand manager Callum Smith said he was “delighted to introduce new and revamped flavours across our range of products”.

It comes after Kit Kat last year launched limited-edition Caramel and Lotus Biscoff versions of its standard Chunky bar.