BeNu Complete Balances Nutrition powder

Source: Myprotein

Its classic and vegan powders are available in three flavours: Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla

Myprotein is hoping to challenge the likes of Huel and Bulk with the launch of a meal replacement brand, BeNu.

BeNu is billed as containing all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, along with a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and omega-3 and omega-6 fats, said Myprotein.

Each 103g serving provides 34g of protein, 33g of carbohydrates and weighs in at 400 calories.

As it could be prepared in “less than 60 seconds” by adding water and shaking, the product was “an easy and convenient way to make sure you’re fuelling your body correctly when time for breakfast and lunch is limited”, it said.

Its classic Complete Balanced Nutrition shake contains whey protein, but a vegan version containing pea protein has also rolled out.

They contained inulin and Wellmune – a yeast beta glucan – to support digestion and immunity, said Myprotein.

Both are available to order from the Myprotein website in three flavours: Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla (rsp: £15.99-£28.99/1kg-2.5kg).

The NPD comes amid a surge of activity in the meal replacements category. 

In February, Bulk unveiled its first meal replacement shake in three flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana Caramel.

Billed as a “complete food shake solution”, the product was said to be “packed full of high-quality, natural ingredients”.

Last month, Huel launched what it claimed was the world’s first nutritionally complete vegan protein powder, made using a blend of three plant-based protein sources: hemp, faba and pea.

Plant-based brand Bol, too, is getting in on the action – it launched a range of meal replacement Power Shakes last October.