Source: Razatech

Fingertip indentations allow users to adjust the blade’s downward pressure

Razatech has launched what it claims is the “world’s first” spherical razor for men.

Called Razaball, the patented razor is claimed to allow the user’s fingers to rest more comfortably behind the blade “to give total control”.

Fingertip indentations allowed users to adjust the blade’s downward pressure to suit their skin and hair type “to give a precise, close shave, while also reducing the risk of nicks, cuts and skin irritation”, according to Razatech.

The device is made from medical-grade recyclable plastic, featuring a premium German-made five-blade cartridge held firmly in place by a magnetised clip.

A starter pack (£29.99) contains a lifetime warranty and 10 cartridge blades. Replacement cartridge packs of 10 blades (£19.99) are also available to order via the brand’s webstore.

Razaball was invented by New Zealand-born entrepreneur Rod Hunwick, who claims to have assembled a prototype by attaching a razor head to the gearstick knob of a 1957 Corvette.

“Pulling blades across your skin on the end of a stick is archaic and fiddly,” said Hunwick.

“Ditching your stick razor to move up to a Razaball is like switching from a rotary telephone to a touchscreen smartphone – it’s a quantum leap to a seamless shave experience.”