Beyond Meat has launched a new marketing campaign, titled ‘Taste You can Believe In’, for Veganuary.

The marketing push aims to communicate the brand’s taste and environmental credentials.

It pokes fun at classic Veganuary misconceptions and promotes its Beyond Meat range as being truly delicious, questioning whether other plant-based products’ tasty claims are actually true.

The fully integrated campaign was developed by Adjust Your Set/Oliver and went live from 11 January across Meta, TikTok and digital out-of-home media.

It will also see a nationwide Beyond Meat UK food truck tour led by plant-based TikTok comedy star Luke Vernon offering free Beyond Burgers and challenging the public on their perceptions of plant-based.

“I can’t wait to get on tour and offer free, insanely meaty, plant-based Beyond Burgers so people can experience for themselves that Beyond Meat truly is ‘Taste you can believe in,” said Vernon. “So juicy and crispy – their burgers are truly un-burger-lievable!”

At the same time, a PR campaign featuring new foodservice items and Beyond Meat recipes has also been rolled out.

“With the ‘Taste You Can Believe In’ campaign, we are looking to educate consumers on the benefits of our products in a light-hearted, approachable but informative way,” said Beyond Meat UK brand manager Ellie Stevens.

“January is a key time for assessing our meat consumption, and we wanted to emphasise how our tasty Beyond Meat products allow everyone to continue eating what they love, but do so in a way that’s better for the planet – no sacrifice required.”

This comes as Beyond Meat outpaced many of its main rivals in the meat-free category, growing by over 18% year on year and was one of only three top 20 meat-free brands in volume growth.