Future Tuna and Future Chicken NPD

Source: Future Farm 

It follows the launch of the brand’s Future Burger, Mince and Meatball lines earlier this year

Brazilian meat-free brand Future Farm has moved into tuna and chicken alternatives for the first time.

Rolling out in Sainsbury’s now, Future Tvna 2030 and Future Chick’n 2030 are made from a blend of soy, pea and chickpea proteins, and retail for £3.50 (150g) and £3.90 (160g) respectively.

The brand said it worked alongside Australian food engineers and experts to develop the ‘Pacific Ocean’ tuna taste, with microalgae oil among its ingredients.

The product, which has a ‘flaky’ consistency, is said to contain 15g of protein and 183g of omega-3, per 100g.

Meanwhile, Future Chick’n, which resembles a piece of chicken breast and can be ‘fried, grilled or shredded’, has 18g of protein, 2.3g of fat and 1.8g of carbs per serving.

“Tuna is one of the most consumed fish in the world and unfortunately is endangered,” said Marcos Leta, the company’s founder. “Therefore, we decided to create our own. There’s a massive forest under the sea and tremendous biodiversity being destroyed and threatened because of fishing. We must change that.”

The product, he added, was merchandised in Brazil next to regular canned tuna as “it is so similar to the real thing”.

“As a team we will keep working to upgrade our technology and products to the point where people won’t recognise what’s animal and what’s of plant origin, making the need for us to eat animal meat obsolete,” he said.

Earlier this year, the food tech company released its 2030 Future Farm range comprising Future Burger 2030, Future Mince 2030 and Future Meatball 2030.

The products were developed to correspond with the United Nations Sustainable 2030 Development Goals, specifically 12 (relating to responsible consumption and production) and 15 (life on land).