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Source: Rude Health

The brand said the organic variant had been in development for four years

Rude Health has added Organic Oat Barista to its dairy-free drinks lineup.

The product (rsp: £2.40) will join the range from 11 March and be available via wholesalers, as well as on Ocado and Amazon.

The brand said the organic variant had been in development for four years and was designed to be the perfect partner for the coffee connoisseur.

“With the foundations of the barista category having been laid, there is still significant opportunity for growth,” said Camilla Barnard, Rude Health co-founder. Barista, Oat and Organic were all growth drivers, she added.

Organic Oat Barista is made from four ingredients: spring water, organic oats, organic cold-pressed sunflower oil and sea salt.

It has a high oat content (14%), which creates a “perfect creamy foam and offers a natural sweetness that balances beautifully with the coffee flavour”.

“The shelf is currently dominated by long ingredient lists with emulsifiers, stabilisers and acidity regulators, and we know consumers are not only looking for great functionality and brilliant taste, but clean deck, organic ingredients,” she added.

“We’ve used our years of dairy-free drink experience to craft what we believe is the ultimate trade up and we can’t wait to hear what our customers think.”

Oatly unveiled a similar new product last week with the launch of Oatly Organic Barista Edition, designed to answer growing demand for an organic option.