You won’t find plain old chocolate bunnies in Daylesford’s Easter range this year. Instead the organic farm and food supplier is offering an array of exciting confections from raw matcha eggs to extravagant chocolate centrepieces. Here’s our selection of the most eye-catching products 


Raw Organic Matcha, Caramel & Raspberry Chocolate Eggs 

Available from 26 March


Presented in a decorative straw nest, these raw, dairy-free eggs are targeted towards vegan chocoholics. Filled with cashew nut butter, the eggs also contain raw cacao butter, coconut blossom nectar and matcha powder.


Milk Chocolate Beekeepers Egg

Available from 28 March


Daylesford founder Carole Bamford says her passion for protecting the bees inspired this extravagant egg. The 1kg milk chocolate beehive sits on a solid chocolate stand. It is finished with hand painted iced bees and filled with chocolate covered honeycomb pieces.

Easter2019_Gardener's Egg

Milk Chocolate Gardener’s Egg

Available now


Also designed with the bees in mind is the Gardener’s Egg, a speckled milk chocolate creation featuring a bee design by artist Hugo Guinness. The egg comes with three packets of bee friendly flower seeds – calendula, blue cornflower and borage –  to sow at home.


Trio of Praline Ducks

Available now


As well as the larger eggs, the Daylesford range also features more modest gifts such as this trio of milk chocolate ducks, which have praline centres and decorative yellow bills.


Raw Hot Cross Bites

Available now


For a more health-concious Easter treat, the retailer is offering these raw, dairy-free and wheat-free bites, which put a twist on the traditional hot cross bun. Made in the farm’s patisserie, the bites contain Easter spices, fruit, walnuts, honey and coconut oil, finished with a cross.

Daylesford Hot Cross Fudge

Hot Cross Fudge in a Heart Tin

Available from 28 March


Putting another spin on the Easter favourite, this handmade dairy fudge contains spices, fruit, double cream and butter and is presented in a heart-shaped tin.

Egg Cup_Web

Praline Egg in a Cup

Available now


Forget your traditional egg and soldiers. This innovative and realistic-looking milk chocolate egg can be microwaved so consumers can dip into its melted praline centre. It is even presented in a wooden egg cup to complete the experience.

Chocolate Goose

Chocolate Goose

Available now


What kind of bird would lay the praline eggs above? Perhaps a milk chocolate goose like this one, which has been hand decorated to give a feather effect.


Milk Chocolate Spotted Pig

Available from 9 April


It’s not just birds that have been reproduced in chocolate. Nestled in a fully-compostable sty, this milk chocolate pig features hand-painted white chocolate detailing. 

Easter eggs daylesford

Dairy-Free Chocolate Eggs

Available now


Daylesford’s two dairy-free eggs are handmade and individually decorated. The Lemon & Sea Salt flavour is topped with crushed sea salt and blue cornflower petals, while Mint Crunch features a dusting of dried mint. 



Chocolate Asparagus Spears

Available from 26 March


One of the more unconventional items in the range is this box of seven asparagus spears. The spears are made of white chocolate, with milk chocolate-decorated tips and a filling of gianduja, a hazelnut praline. 

daylesford easter chocolate Legbarn Hen

Legbar Hen

Available now in store only


In homage to the farm’s resident rare breed of hen, Daylesford has created this showstopping centrepiece. The hen is crafted in milk chocolate, handpainted with natural colours and comes with three solid Begian chocolate eggs in a Legbar blue hue.