Blakemore Retail has launched a food-to-go concept called Eat Some.

It is being debuted at a 2,910 sq ft company-owned store in Aberystwyth, Wales, and features six concession brands that offer a raft of food solutions “all under one roof”.

The new brands, which are exclusively owned by AF Blakemore, include The Grill, WhirlyBird, Prego, Oh So Toastie, Shake Waffle & Stroll and Soup & Spuds. All food is handmade on site and prepared at the counter for consumers to takeaway.

The store has been designed to put all the concessions within a specially designated area. The retailer said the concept was inspired by street food vendors.

There is also a fresh fruit juicing service, sandwiches made daily in-store from DailyDeli, fresh coffee and sweet treats from Philpotts, a fresh meat range from County Bridge and an increased range of chilled foods, fresh produce and flowers.

“Our Eat Some food-to-go concept offers shoppers a breadth of solutions catering for all tastes,” said Blakemore Retail MD Matt Teague. “We are sure the increased range of fresh foods in the store will also be a big hit.

“The addition of Eat Some gives us the opportunity to create a new and exciting way to give the shoppers of Aberystwyth tasty food-to-go options. The Grill, WhirlyBird, Prego, Oh So Toastie, Shake Waffle & Stroll and Soup & Spuds are all really exciting new brands for us. We know they are going to be a roaring success with our shoppers.”

Spar Aberystwyth store manager Mike Grasham added: “Our team have worked really hard to offer the local community a fantastic new and exciting store. We have always worked hard to deliver great customer service.

“We are sure our shoppers will love what we’ve done to the store and will enjoy the huge variety of food-to-go, fresh and chilled products now available. We are also delighted to welcome 23 new staff members to the store.”

Spar Aberystwyth is the only store currently showcasing the new concept following a refurbishment. It reopened on 18 February.

The retailer told The Grocer that its “next steps” in pursuing a wider rollout will depend on how well the food-to-go concept develops at the Spar Aberystwyth store.