Tesco is rolling into summer adding a new twist to frozen treats. The new Summer Edition range is less about traditional vanilla and aims to offer bolder, inventive flavours. Think Wimbledon with a strawberries and cream lolly, or a salted caramel ice cream sandwich for a salty/sweet after-work treat.

“Our new ice cream collection is a celebration of summer, with each flavour, whether it be caramelised biscuit or eton mess, a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality,” says Tesco product development manager Jaimini Sharma.

Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Ice Lollies



Four ice lollies made with real pineapple juice.


Cloudy Apple Ice Lollies



Pack of four cloudy apple juice lollies.


Strawberries & Cream Ice Lollies



Strawberries and cream ice lollies for a twist on the classic British combo.


Strawberry & Apple Ice Lollies



Strawberry and apple flavoured water ice lollies in a strawberry shape with wooden sticks.


Sour Cherry & Cola Helter Skelters



Sour cherry cola flavoured ice lollies with twisted layers of fruity ice.


Peach & Yogurt Lollies



Frozen yoghurt and peach flavoured ice cream swirled together on a wooden stick.


Strawberry & Yogurt Lollies



Frozen yoghurt and strawberry flavoured ice cream swirls on a wooden stick.


Popcorn & White Chocolate Ice Cream



Popcorn flavoured ice cream with a salted caramel sauce swirl, which is covered in white chocolate and studded with salted corn pieces.


Mini Caramelised Biscuit Ice Creams



Caramelised biscuit flavoured ice cream, swirled with a caramel sauce and covered in white chocolate and cinnamon biscuit pieces.


Caramelised Pecan Ice Creams



Pecan nut flavoured ice cream with a caramel sauce swirl, covered in milk chocolate and dotted with caramelised pecan pieces.


Caramel & Popcorn Ice Cream Sandwiches



Caramel ice cream in a biscuit sandwich, dipped in white chocolate with salted corn pieces.


Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches



Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips in a chocolate chip biscuit sandwich – dipped in milk chocolate and finished with cocoa nibs.


Birthday Cake Ice Cream



Sponge cake and strawberry flavoured ice cream with strawberry sauce, topped with decorative sprinkles.


Tropical Sorbet & Ice Cream



Fruity and creamy tropical sorbet and cream flavour ice cream, topped with a tropical fruit sauce.


Finest Raspberry Eton Mess Ice Cream



Made with clotted cream ice cream rippled with a raspberry sauce, mixed with meringue pieces and speckled red sugar pearls.